Minutes of the April 16, 2020 Special Meeting

CITY OF TOULON SPECIAL MEETING APRIL 16, 2020 TELECOMMUNICATION PRESENT:  Mayor Larry Hollis, City Clerk Barbara J Cantwell, Attorney Michael Evans, absent. Donna Lefler, Art Nutzhorn​​​​Alderman 1st ward Jason, Musselman, Connie Jacobson​​​Alderman 2nd ward Ryan Kelly, Rob Finney (absent)​​​​Alderman 3rdward STOOP AT BEN & JULIES:  ​Jason Musselmanspoke to Justin Reeise our engineer and said we are […]

Minutes of the April 13, 2020 Meeting

City of Toulon Regular Council Meeting April 13, 2020 Toulon Firehouse FINANCE COMMITTEE:  Met at Connies Country Kitchen on 4/13/20 at noon. PRESENT:  Mayor, Larry Hollis, Barbara J. Cantwell, City Clerk, Michael Evans, city attorney present on phone Donna Lefler, Art Nutzhorn​​​Alderman 1stWard Jason Musselman, Connie Jacobson​​Alderman 2nd Ward Ryan Kelly, Rob Finney (absent)​​​Alderman 3rd Ward CALL TO ORDER:  Mayor […]